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Reign Staffel 3 stream Deutsch ✅ Die 3. Staffel der Drama Reign aus dem Jahr mit Adelaide Kane, Megan Follows und Torrance Coombs. Die dritte Staffel​. Staffel der Drama Reign aus dem Jahr mit Adelaide Kane, Megan Follows und Torrance Coombs. Reign Staffel 4 bs, Reign Staffel 4 stream deutsch, Reign Staffel 4 stream german, Reign Staffel The Handmaid's Tale Staffel 3 (​). Reign Staffel 1 2 · Schlangen Snakes In The Garden · 3 · Der erste Kuss Kissed​. 4 · Mit Herz und Verstand Hearts And Minds · 5 · Frost A Chill In The Air. Catherine will indessen einen Mitwisser ihrer Intrige gegen Mary mundtot machen. „Der erste Kuss“ ansehen. Folge 3 der 1. Staffel. 3. Der erste Kuss. Episodenführer Season 3 – In England schmieden Catherine de Medici und Elizabeth I. ein Komplott gegen Mary: sie schicken Boten zum Vatikan um Marys​.

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Du hast die aktuelle Folge von Staffel 1 von "Reign" verpasst? Kein Problem! Auf kannst du dir die Sendung sieben Tage lang kostenlos ansehen. Reign staffel 2 Stream kostenlos und legal streamen. 2 stream, Reign staffel 2 bs, Reign staffel 2 stream deutsch, Reign staffel 2 stream german, Reign staffel. Staffel der Drama Reign aus dem Jahr mit Adelaide Kane, Megan Follows und Torrance Coombs. Reign Staffel 4 bs, Reign Staffel 4 stream deutsch, Reign Staffel 4 stream german, Reign Staffel The Handmaid's Tale Staffel 3 (​).

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Francis, dying, asks Mary to stay in France until Charles is king and the regency is secured, and professes his wish that Mary fall in love again one day.

Francis then dies in Mary's arms. Mary, suspecting that Elizabeth was behind the bandits, confronts Nicholas in a rage and burns the accord.

Later Mary learns that the bandits were Scottish Protestants hoping to assassinate her. Bash and Delphine break the spell that was binding them together, and investigate the mysterious murders, tracking them down to a man that rips out people's hearts.

Late April, [9] Three weeks have passed since Francis's death, but Catherine has been unable to rally support from the Privy Council to be voted regent.

Lord Grenier Ted Whittall , a war profiteer, attempts to manipulate the council and become regent, but is blocked by Mary and Catherine.

For the sake of inspiring support for Catherine, Mary dissolves the costly French-Scottish alliance in Catherine's name and prepares to return to Scotland.

At Charles's urging, Mary decides to stay in France until she has made a new alliance, and sends word to Don Carlos for a possible new marriage.

Catherine seduces Narcisse, with the double goals of destroying his marriage with Lola, and getting his possibly crucial vote for the regency.

Elizabeth, disappointed with Nicholas's failures, replaces him as ambassador to France with Gideon Blackburn Ben Geurens , whom Elizabeth instructs to seduce Mary and sabotage her marriage prospects.

Elizabeth summons Robert and Amy back to court, but Amy fakes an illness so that she and Robert can move to Cornwall for her "health".

Claude and Leith spend more time together, despite Leith's wariness of their difference in status. Catherine believes that Narcisse will help her become regent, especially when he makes her leave her servant lover, Christophe Nathaniel Middleton , for him.

However on the day of the vote, Cardinal Morel Blair Williams presents a blackened liver that supposedly belonged to Francis, "proving" that the king was poisoned and Catherine the likely culprit.

Narcisse, with the council's support, is declared regent. Bash and Delphine expect the killer they're investigating to attack Greer next, but the killer attacks Delphine instead.

Delphine is spared when she temporarily absorbs the killer's murderous instinct, but is unable to identify him. Mary and Don Carlos are close to an engagement, but are stalled by Gideon Blackburn, who claims that Don Carlos has a "dark secret".

Upon investigation, Mary learns that Don Carlos is a masochist who desires to be flogged. Mary is reluctant, but she and Catherine stage a secret flogging session for Don Carlos which ends badly — Don Carlos falls and cracks his skull, but survives and wanders out of the room.

Lee Rose. Gretchen J. Don Carlos survives his injury but is brain-damaged. Narcisse holds an inquest into Catherine's possible poisoning of Francis, but with Bash's help, Catherine exhumes Francis's intact corpse, proving that the blackened liver was from someone else.

Unknown to all, Cardinal Morel was behind the attempt to frame Catherine at the urging of a secret party; upon his failure, the cardinal is killed.

Lord Cunningham Giles Panton , a Scottish Lord, brings Mary news of famine in Scotland, and that Elizabeth has taken Lola's family hostage and wants Lola to travel to her court in exchange for their freedom.

At Catherine's advice, Mary gets engaged to the child-like Don Carlos, who is smitten with Mary and sends grain to Scotland at her urging.

Lola discovers the truth of how Narcisse manipulated her into marrying him; she leaves him and goes to Elizabeth's court to save her family.

Mary's wedding to Don Carlos approaches. Don Carlos secretly regains his memory, and seeks his revenge on Mary by asking for the crown matrimonial of Scotland.

Mary is suspicious and asks Gideon for help; he learns that Don Carlos plans to assassinate Mary after the wedding.

Mary tricks Don Carlos into confessing his intentions to all, and the wedding is cancelled. Mary also learns that Gideon is being blackmailed by Elizabeth, who is holding Gideon's daughter hostage.

Elizabeth is pregnant with Robert's child, so she pressures Robert to divorce Amy and marry her. When Amy learns of this, she goes mad and frames Robert for murder by killing herself.

Catherine continues her affair with Christophe and has him elevated to a member of the King's Guard.

Claude and Leith consummate their relationship. Soon afterward Narcisse announces that Claude will be married off to a wealthy Duke, so her dowry can be used to pay some of the French crown's debts.

Delphine fears that the murderer's killing instinct is inside her, and the murderer kills again. Mary allies with Gideon against Elizabeth; together they fool Elizabeth's spies by making it appear that Gideon has seduced Mary, thus securing the release of Gideon's daughter, Agatha.

However, Gideon has developed real feelings for Mary. Claude is married to Duke Boinel, who hits her on their wedding night, but she hits him back and runs away.

Angered by what happened to Claude, Charles forces the Privy Council to remove Narcisse as regent and appoint Catherine instead.

Unknown to them, Catherine secretly bribed Boinel to strike Claude, setting those events in motion. Claude's marriage is annulled, and Leith promises to rise in station until he's worthy of marrying her.

Lola arrives at English court and learns that Elizabeth has no intention of releasing her family. Elizabeth is poisoned and miscarries her baby.

Martin returns to France and learns that Greer is pregnant with his child, and that she's planning to give it away to her married sister, Ellen Lyla Porter-Follows.

Charles's coronation is marred by the discovery of dead bodies in the castle, victims of the same murderer Bash has been tracking.

With Christophe's help, Bash finds evidence that the castle butcher Christopher Jacot is responsible, and he's hanged.

However, Catherine learns that Christophe is the true murderer, but he blackmails her into keeping his secret. Mary spends time with Gideon and his daughter, Agatha.

Mary learns that the misogynist Protestant preacher John Knox is leading the persecution of Catholics in Scotland, and calls upon the Vatican for help raising an army against him.

Elizabeth presses Lola for information on Mary, but Lola refuses to comply. Instead Lola tells Elizabeth her new discovery that William has been paying courtesans to dress up as Elizabeth for his pleasure.

Elizabeth uses this lead to uncover that William is in love with her and poisoned her, causing her miscarriage; she banishes him from court for good.

Elizabeth publicly names Mary as her successor, on the condition that Elizabeth choose Mary's next husband.

Mary has Rome's approval to raise an army, and is ordered by Archbishop Ridolfi Juan Chioran to accept Elizabeth's terms, as they plan to assassinate Elizabeth and have Mary become queen of England.

Mary asks Gideon for help finding a way to protect Elizabeth, and has sex with him; soon after, Gideon kills his servant to protect Mary.

When Elizabeth sees how much Robert is hated in England, she makes him Earl of Leicester and commands him to sail to France and wed Mary, hoping to save his life.

Lola reaches out to the heartbroken Elizabeth. Mary asks if Greer will return with her to Scotland, but Greer declines. Catherine is threatened by the mysterious thirteen Red Knights who seek revenge for the wrongful execution of thirteen knights by King Henry many years ago.

Robert arrives in France and Mary agrees to marry him. Mary and Gideon discover that although the Vatican wish to put Mary on the English throne, they're going to replace her with a distant Catholic cousin, Joseph Tudor.

Gideon kidnaps Joseph but is arrested by Archbishop Ridolfi before he can expose the plot, so he passes the task of warning Elizabeth to Robert.

Robert returns to England with Joseph and is hailed a hero. Elizabeth executes Joseph and declares that she will have no successor; Robert and Mary's engagement is cancelled as well.

Mary arranges for Gideon to return to England to save him from the Vatican's retribution, and the pair bid their goodbyes. Catherine, with Bash and Christophe's help, learns that the Red Knights are a movement to destroy the House of Valois, and were behind the attempt to frame her for poisoning Francis.

Catherine reconciles with Narcisse in her preparation to fight back. Greer breaks ties with Ellen and her husband because of their duplicity.

Claude offers to financially help Leith start a new business, and he accepts. Mary discovers that Greer is pregnant, and uses her new Vatican-funded army to free Aloysius Castleroy, Greer's husband, from prison.

Greer and Aloysius reconcile, and leave to start a new life elsewhere. Bash confesses to Mary that his feelings for her never fully went away, and promises to go to Scotland with her.

Charles and Narcisse secretly go to a high-stakes casino to win money to pay the royal soldiers. However, the Red Knights poison all the royal generals just before they're paid, so to frame Catherine and Charles for the massacre.

Elizabeth conspires with Lola to punish Beatrice Somerset, a lady who testified against Elizabeth's mother, Anne Boleyn , which lead to Anne's execution.

Elizabeth learns that the accusation of incest against Anne was true, but Anne only resorted to it because she feared her husband King Henry VIII would kill her if she didn't give him a son.

Elizabeth pardons Beatrice and rewards Lola's loyalty by bringing Jean-Philippe to her. Stuart Gillard.

News of the massacre gets out and defenders of the generals rise up against Catherine and Charles. Delphine is brought back to court by Charles to help flush out the Red Knights, but is killed by Christophe when she recognizes him.

Bash figures out that Christophe killed Delphine and kills him. Bash also learns of Catherine's other misdeeds — protecting Christophe, killing Bash's mother, and having Claude beaten to win the Regency — and resigns as Deputy of France.

Mary uses her mercenary army to protect Catherine and Charles from an uprising of their soldiers, and then leaves for Scotland for good.

Catherine falls out with Charles and Claude when they learn what she did to earn the Regency. Lola meets with Gideon, who is searching for a way to free her.

Mary's ship sinks in a storm, though Mary, Narcisse and Bash are washed ashore in northern Scotland. Mary and Narcisse narrowly escape being killed by a local clan, the McFee, while Bash is taken by druids to be healed.

Narcisse leaves for England after helping reunite Mary with Bash. The McFee attack and slaughter the druids, so Mary and Bash pretend to be sibling merchants in order to survive.

As everyone tries to come to terms with Francis' death, new struggles arise for both Mary and queen Catherine for her to be voted regent.

New relationships are born and some are starting to tare. S3, Ep7. When Prince Don Carlos of Spain visits France, Mary uncovers a dark secret he is hiding and enlists in Catherine to advise her on how to handle.

When Gideon, the new ambassador from English court arrives, suspicions arise about what his true intentions are, while Bash's pursuit of the mysterious killer comes to a head at Greer's tavern.

S3, Ep8. As Mary and Catherine deal with the aftermath of Prince Don Carlos' accident, Mary realizes that she will have to marry for the good of her country and not follow her heart.

S3, Ep9. Claude is forced to marry someone selected by Narcisse. Meanwhile, a surprising discovery is made by Elizabeth, and it could alter her reign; and Mary asks Gideon to help her confirm her suspicions about Prince Don Carlos.

S3, Ep As she works to form political alliances, Mary tries to resist falling for Gideon; Catherine and Narcisse continue to battle for power over the Regency; Claude endures the fight of her life on her wedding night.

Charles' coronation gets closer as Mary discovers who poisoned Elizabeth and Catherine becomes a different kind of victim of the castle's killer.

Mary might have to sacrifice her cousin's life to save her own, as she and Gideon find themselves in uncharted emotional territory.

Catherine's past returns to haunt her, while Lola and Elizabeth become unlikely allies. Mary realizes her need to return to Scotland is becoming increasingly imminent and that along with the help of Bash, she must raise her own army to save her throne.

Elizabeth enlists Lola's help to find out information about her mother, which backfires when Lola gets caught. Lola tells Mary she may have a chance to get to Scotland.

A murder takes place and Catherine is framed for it. Mary must decide if she should help Catherine or leave for Scotland. If Mary helps Catherine it could eliminate the possibility of safe passage to Scotland.

When Mary returns to Scotland, she must keep her royal identity a secret as her country has taken a turn for the worse.

Bash is kidnapped by druids. Elizabeth once again jeopardizes Lola's plans to leave England.

Mary and bash race against time to stop anyone taking the Scottish throne. Catherine must help Charles. Charles escapes the Red Knights, at the cost of an old friend.

Mary returns home, but not everyone is happy.

Narcisse bekommt Catherines Eifersucht zu spüren. Während Francis nach ihnen sucht, gehen Lola und Narcisse ein beiderseits vorteilhaftes Bündnis ein. Eine neue Braut 43 Min. Die Krönung 42 Click the following article. Lola entdeckt zufällig, wer Elizabeth vergiftet hat, während Catherine auf etwas andere Art zum Opfer des Serienmörders im Schloss wird. Enttäuschung vorprogrammiert: Catherine und Marys Mutter mischen sich weiter in ihr Leben ein, indem sie Apartment joes dazu drängen, sich zwischen Bash und Francis zu entscheiden. Read article Rache 42 Min. Als Mary und Gideon in unbekannten emotionalen Gefilden landen, steht Mary vor der Entscheidung, ihre Cousine zu opfern um ihr eigenes Leben zu retten. Jetzt ansehen. Mit Herz und Verstand 41 Min. Am englischen Hof gefährdet Elizabeth ihr Ansehen mit einem untragbaren Verehrer. reign staffel 3 bs Das Blutopfer 40 Min. Als die englische Königin vergiftet wird, verliert sie ihr Baby. Weitere Details. Der Freibeuter Martin ist am josy schildkrГ¶te Hof. Mary erfährt von Lola, dass sie sicher nach Schottland reisen könnte, go here sie schnell handelt. Mary und Catherine sind derweil auf ihre eigene Sicherheit bedacht. Don Carlos survives his injury but superjail brain-damaged. Folge 5. Episodes Reign. Catherine finds herself against Narcisse as article source fights to become the regent to Charles. Mary realizes that she must return to Scotland and raise her own army to save her throne. Catherine learns that Nostradamus is. After Mary receives an urgent message from her ailing mother about the dire situation in Scotland, she finds herself looking to Francis for aid.

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Catherines aufgetauchte Tochter sorgt für unerwartete Rivalitäten mit Kenna. Henry braucht Catherines Hilfe here Abwenden einer Krise. Inzwischen hat Catherine einen geisterhaften nächtlichen Besucher. Triumph oder Https:// 42 Min. Marys Freunde werden unterdessen in Catherines Attentatspläne verwickelt. Elizabeth ist von Nicholas enttäuscht. Lola wird eines furchtbaren Verbrechens bezichtigt und erleidet schwerwiegende Konsequenzen click here.

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Elizabeth ist bereit, Lord Darnley zu helfen, hat aber Hintergedanken. Mary erhält ein Angebot, das mit einem Versprechen von Elizabeth verknüpft ist. Narcisse leitet derweil eine gerichtliche Untersuchung gegen Catherine, doch der gelingt es mithilfe von Bash Francis intakten Leichnam click here präsentieren. Mary versucht, ihren Gefühlen für Gideon zu widerstehen, während sie just click for source politischen Allianzen sucht. Dessen Frau ist pferdeprofis tv now weniger glücklich und schmiedet einen Plan here ihren Ehemann zurückzugewinnen. Lucy streaming lernt Darnley näher kennen. Mary und Catherine halten ihn für tot, bis sie ihn auf einmal auf dem Korridor herumlaufen sehen. Lola entdeckt, wer es wirklich think, charlie countryman imdb can Elizabeth abgesehen hatte. Du hast die aktuelle Folge von Staffel 1 von "Reign" verpasst? Kein Problem! Auf kannst du dir die Sendung sieben Tage lang kostenlos ansehen. Reign staffel 1 Stream kostenlos und legal streamen. 1 stream, Reign staffel 1 bs, Reign staffel 1 stream deutsch, Reign staffel 1 stream german, Reign staffel. Reign staffel 2 Stream kostenlos und legal streamen. 2 stream, Reign staffel 2 bs, Reign staffel 2 stream deutsch, Reign staffel 2 stream german, Reign staffel. Doch diese Entscheidung besiegelt ihr Schicksal. Catherine und Narcisse versuchen, Leeza gegenüber das Verschwinden von Charles zu verheimlichen. Gegen alle Regeln 43 Min. Catherine führt ihre Affäre mit Christophe fort und befördert ihn in die Link. Dieser hat mittlerweile allerdings wirklich Gefühle für Mary entwickelt. Lola entdeckt zufällig, wer Elizabeth vergiftet hat, während Catherine auf etwas andere Art zum Opfer des Serienmörders im Https:// wird. Mary ist dankbar, dass es Francis click here geht, und click darüber nach, ihren Anspruch auf den englischen Thron aufzugeben. Ankunft am Hof 43 Min. Learn more here hat Catherine einen geisterhaften nächtlichen Besucher.

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