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Sasha Walking Dead „The Walking Dead“-Staffelfinale: Ein heldenhafter Tod, der alles verändert

Sasha Williams ist eine fiktive Figur aus The Walking Dead, einer AMC-TV-Horror-Dramaserie. Die Figur wurde von Robert Kirkman kreiert, dem Schöpfer der Comic-Serie The Walking Dead, auf der die Show basiert und in der Sasha kein Gegenstück hat. Sasha Williams ist ein Hauptcharakter und eine Überlebende des Ausbruchs in AMC's The Walking. und Überlebender des Ausbruchs in AMC's The Walking Dead. in Alexandria geht er eine kurze, aber enge Beziehung mit Sasha Williams ein, in der beide. Sasha und ihr Bruder stoßen erst in der 3. The Walking Dead Staffel zu der Endzeitserie. Schnell findet sie ihren Platz in der Gruppe. Doch der. Es sieht nicht gut aus für Sasha bei „The Walking Dead“, denn ihr versuchtes Attentat auf Negan ist nicht geglückt. Ist ihr Serientod im.

sasha walking dead

Es sieht nicht gut aus für Sasha bei „The Walking Dead“, denn ihr versuchtes Attentat auf Negan ist nicht geglückt. Ist ihr Serientod im. Sasha Williams ist eine fiktive Figur aus The Walking Dead, einer AMC-TV-Horror-Dramaserie. Die Figur wurde von Robert Kirkman kreiert, dem Schöpfer der Comic-Serie The Walking Dead, auf der die Show basiert und in der Sasha kein Gegenstück hat. In der sechsten Staffel von "The Walking Dead" versucht Sasha, gespielt von Sonequa Martin-Greene, neuen Lebensmut zu fassen und freundet sich dabei mit.

Wikis entdecken Community-Wiki Wiki erstellen. Anmelden Du hast noch kein Benutzerkonto? Wiki erstellen. Sasha war eine ehemalige Feuerwehrangestellte vor der Apokalypse und gehörte zu einer kleinen Gruppe, die vom älteren Bruder Tyreese angeführt wurde, um einen sicheren Hafen zu finden und wurde bald Neuankömmling im Gefängnis, und fungierte später als Ratsmitglied.

Später wird Abraham von Negan ermordet, danach bringt Sasha Maggie nach Hilltop und lebt dort weiter. Inhaltsverzeichnis [ Anzeigen ].

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Sasha is seen fighting with a pool cue alongside Michonne. Zach is bitten by one while saving Bob. A helicopter makes the roof cave in, crushing Zach and the walkers while Sasha and the others escape.

She is first seen with the other "council" members discussing the situation at the prison and how to deal with it before she and Karen persuade Tyreese that its best to put Karen in isolation.

Later she is seen helping the others deal with the walkers at the fences and is the one to spot the rat corpses suggesting that someone is feeding the walkers.

Sasha is seen exiting one of the cell blocks, coughing heavily, and running a fever. Glenn Rhee and Hershel look at her with great concern.

She states that she needs to find Dr. S and that she will be all right. She goes to look for him in Cell Block A where the sick people are staying, but when she find him she discovers that he is also sick.

She is quarantined behind a glass barrier, which is guarded by Tyreese. They are later seen talking and she expresses her condolences for Karen.

Tyreese tells her that a group went out looking for antibiotics for the sick, which he later joins to make sure she recovers.

Tyreese asks Carol to look after Sasha while he is gone. Sasha gets worse as the episode goes on. Hershel tells her to take over the incubator attached to Henry , who is in the final stage of the deadly flu, while he goes to help other patients.

Sasha leaves her post later for Glenn to take over. Henry later succumbs and turns. Sasha later becomes dehydrated, so Hershel performs I.

Sasha then tells Hershel that she always calculated everything to live as long as possible and is thankful for his "stupid" behavior, Hershel risking getting sick to save the flu infected survivors.

At the end of the episode Sasha is cradled by the recently arrived Tyreese. It is not shown, but it is inferred that she was given the injection to stop the flu.

Sasha's condition has improved. However she still hasn't made a full recovery, as she nearly faints while speaking to Bob.

She tries to thank him, to his disapproval, because she does not know of his actions during the run. She is later seen with Bob and Maggie shooting at The Governor's men.

Bob is shot and the trio is left behind as the bus drives away. Sasha doesn't seem too worried and says they'll figure it out.

Sasha is seen on a river bank in the forest with Maggie, bandaging Bob's shoulder. She objects to Maggie's plan of going to look for Glenn and the prison bus, but after Bob decides to go with Maggie, she follows.

They later find the bus, now filled with the undead prison occupants, which they proceed to clear out. Sasha is with Bob and Maggie fighting off walkers in fog.

Sasha sees that Bob has been attacked by a walker on his arm and shows deep sorrow, believing he has been bitten.

Bob reveals the walker got him on his bandage and the three cheer in relief. Sasha disagrees with Bob and Maggie about going to Terminus , citing practical reasons for survival and questioning the stability of the place, and whether it is truly a safe haven.

She tries to convince Bob to find a safe place to stay but he still wants to go to Terminus with Maggie. Bob believes Sasha is simply afraid to take a leap of faith to find out whether Tyreese is dead or not.

Sasha tries to insist she is not afraid. When Bob and Sasha find out Maggie left for Terminus they go after her. Sasha finds a safe building and she tries to convince Bob to come with her, but Bob kisses her and goes after Maggie.

Sasha, now alone, begins to cry but then looks out of the building window and sees Maggie. Sasha and Maggie fight off walkers.

Maggie convinces Sasha that they can get to Terminus and she knows Sasha is afraid of the dangers, but makes her aware of what she is risking it for.

Sasha admits she is afraid, then agrees to come, much to Maggie's happiness. The two then go after Bob and the three reunite to go to Terminus.

The six return to the railway tunnel that Glenn and Tara entered in pursuit of Maggie and save the two from advancing walkers. The group decides to settle down in the tunnel that night and Sasha learns of Abraham's mission and Eugene's claims.

She agrees to go on with the group to Washington, but only after arriving at Terminus to see if Tyreese has made it.

Bob agrees with her, on both counts. The following day, Sasha and the rest of the group arrive on foot at Terminus. After easily entering the compound's perimeter, the group eventually come upon a middle aged woman, Mary , cooking in a courtyard.

The woman smiles and introduces herself, telling them she'll get them settled before offering them a plate of food. Sasha helps prepare weapons to attack the Terminus guards.

When Eugene starts talking about protecting himself so he can cure the virus, Sasha questions him, causing Eugene to reveal his intentions to the group.

As Terminus is under attack, Sasha escapes with the other survivors. In the woods, Sasha shares an emotional reunion with Tyreese and happily walks alongside him as the survivors make their journey away from Terminus.

Sasha is seen playing a game with Bob called 'good out of the bad'. After a few rounds they kiss. Sasha is present when the group find Gabriel and he leads them to his church.

Sasha goes with Bob, Rick, Michonne and Gabriel to the local food bank to look for supplies. When they discover the floor has fallen through, Sasha creates a plan to use the shelves to block them away from the walkers to take them out more easily.

When Bob is dragged under the water by a walker, Sasha rushes to help him. Later in the church, Sasha and Bob are sat together during Abrahams speech.

After the speech she leaves to go hold Judith, giving Bob one last kiss before he leaves the church.

Sasha is first seen wandering in the woods, looking for Bob after he goes missing. Rick and Tyreese bring her back inside.

Sasha assumes Bob, Carol and Daryl's disappearances are connected to Gabriel, so angrily confronts him with a knife.

She listens as Gabriel breaks down and admits his sins. After Bob is dumped outside, she rushes to him, enlisting Tara and others to carry him inside.

She is shocked by what has happened to his leg and offers him medicine, but he refuses and reveals his bite. Sasha stays by Bob's side when he is moved into Gabriel's office.

Tyreese tries to persuade her to stay with Bob for when he wakes up but she refuses. When they ambush the cannibals, Sasha kills Martin by stabbing him repeatedly in the chest.

Sasha is present as everyone says their goodbyes to Bob, holding his hand before leaving him alone with Rick and Judith.

Sasha is then with Bob when he wakes up from a dream about her. Sasha gives Bob one last smile and asks him "What's the good that comes out of this bad?

Bob then dies and Sasha starts crying, readying her knife to stop him reanimating. Tyreese then walks in and takes the knife from her, not letting her go through this.

Sasha is then seen wearing Bob's jacket over his grave, making a makeshift gravestone from twigs and rope. Sasha stays at the church to help find Carol and Daryl, instead of going ahead to Washington with Abraham and his group.

Sasha is severely troubled by Bob's loss and opens the episode by hacking apart a pew in Father Gabriel's church, while Tyreese comments to Daryl about how hard losing him was.

Sasha is wearing Bob's green military jacket while she helps fortify the church. In the truck, on the way to the hospital in Atlanta, she refuses Tyreese's attempts at consoling her, but later on when she tears Bob's jacket while unloading equipment, she accepts his help.

There is a moment when Officer Lamson first says his name is "Bob," and we can tell that might be very meaningful to Sasha.

She guards him and gets to know him while they wait for the plan to come to fruition. Bob Lamson tells her about a friend of his that he was replaced with that took the last load of survivors to the evacuation center, and that he recognized his animated corpse, fused with the blacktop on the way into the area.

He asks Sasha to take care of him, and she asks where the zombie is. They go together about to the other side of the factory floor and he tells her where his friend is.

When she lines up the shot, though, he slams into her, knocking her unconscious on the window, and runs out the door, with his hands still bound.

Sasha survives the attack by Lamson and is seen on the roof-top with Tyreese as they watch over Rick, who is making himself known to the police officers at the hospital.

Tyreese confesses to Sasha that he previously had the chance to kill Martin, the Hunter Sasha murdered, but didn't. Tyreese then asks what happened to them and wonders if they're still the same as they were as kids.

Sasha dismisses this and tells him that he is still the same, which is a good thing, but she can't be anymore.

The two then proceed to watch over Rick. Sasha shoots an incoming walker, revealing to the officers that Rick has people covering him.

Sasha later accompanies Rick and the others as they meet with Dawn Lerner to exchange prisoners. It goes smoothly, and Carol and Beth are returned safely, but Dawn insists that Noah return to the hospital.

Her insistence results in tension, but Noah agrees to prevent further bloodshed. Dawn makes a snide remark to Noah, which angers Beth, who attacks her with a pair of scissors.

Dawn reacts instinctively and shoots Beth in the head, killing her instantly. Sasha and the others witness this in shock and horror.

Daryl, enraged, shoots Dawn in the head, killing her as well. Officer Shepherd defuses the situation and tells them that Dawn was always the problem.

The group are invited to stay at the hospital, but Rick refuses and in return demands that anybody who wants to leave the hospital be allowed to do so with him.

Only Noah agrees to leave. The group depart the hospital just as Maggie, Abraham, Glenn, Michonne and the others arrive.

Sasha watches on in helplessness as Maggie sobs hysterically at the sight of Beth's body, which is being carried out of the hospital by a devastated Daryl.

Sasha is seen towards the end of the episode. After Tyreese is bitten, has his arm amputated and dies, she is seen near the end of the episode at his funeral, receiving a shovel by Daryl to finish burying her brother, Tyreese.

However, due to her catatonia, she is unable to bury him and staggers away from his grave in despair. Sasha is first seen looking for water in the forest, finding a dried up stream containing several dead frogs.

She then reunites with Maggie and Daryl before rejoining the whole group. She then talks to Michonne as the group are walking, talking about how she could take on the walkers following them and how she is not like her brother.

When the group plans to take out the walkers behind them by pushing them off a cliff, Sasha joins in the effort.

But she decides to not follow the plan and begins stabbing walkers instead, extremely angry whilst doing it. In her rage she almost stabs Michonne and cuts Abraham on his upper arm.

Michonne then pushes her to the ground to stop her. Whilst walking, Abraham offers Sasha some alcohol he found but she refuses. Sasha is next seen killing four dogs when they were about to attack the group on the road.

After collecting firewood, she tells Noah that if he doesn't think he will make it he wont. When water is mysteriously left for them and it begins to rain, she is one of the only people not to seem happy about it, along with Daryl and Maggie.

The group then find a barn to shelter in from a storm, where Sasha sits alone in the corner. When a herd attacks the barn, Sasha is the third to get up and try to hold the door, after Maggie and Daryl.

The group is just barely saved by a timely tornado that wrecked the herd of walkers. The next morning, Daryl and Maggie discuss Sasha's brother before Maggie wakes her up and takes her outside.

The storm had destroyed the woods nearby, impaling and crushing walkers. The two girls head to a field and sit on a log, watching the sunrise.

Sasha explains that she doesn't think she can survive, but Maggie persuades her she can. Her and Maggie are then approached by a stranger asking for Rick, when the music box starts playing.

Sasha brings Aaron into the barn, carrying his backpack and vouching for him being safe. She remains silent during Rick's argument with Aaron regarding where he could be sleeping.

The following morning, she gets out of the RV and enters Alexandria. Sasha appears throughout the episode, first killing a walker just outside the gate.

She is one of the only people not to be assigned a job by the end of the episode, along with Daryl. Sasha goes outside the wall and shoots framed photographs as target practice.

When she returns, she asks the leader, Deanna Monroe , if she could be lookout and volunteers to take as many shifts as possible.

Deanna picks up on that and asks why she wants to be lookout so desperately, but Sasha is interrupted by Rick.

Deanna says she'll think about it if she comes to a welcome party for her and the other new arrivals. However, the atmosphere makes her uncomfortable as the guests worry about little matters such as pasta makers and begins reliving experiences with Tyreese, Bob and Beth and their subsequent deaths before out-bursting at an Alexandria resident and storming off.

The next day as she stands near the gate she tells Deanna that Alexandria "isn't real. Sasha is seen at night in the tower, taking out a walker which is heading towards Alexandria.

The next day she is no where to be found, hence Michonne and Rosita going to look for her. She has been hunting walkers in the woods all day when they find her.

Walkers attack and the three women fight them off. When Sasha runs out of ammo in her clip, she uses her knife.

A walker tackles her to the ground and she loses her knife. Whilst reaching for it, Michonne takes it out with her gun.

She smacks away Michonne's hand when offered a hand up. She breaks down and tells them they can't help her and feels guilty for Noah's death.

Later during Rick's fight with Pete, she is back in the tower, sniping walkers again. Sasha is first seen carting walkers individually into a mass grave alone, outside Alexandria.

She then lies in the grave in silence, overcome with mixed emotions. Sasha is later seen sitting quietly in Alexandria's chapel, when Gabriel walks in.

She asks him if he can help her rid her wild emotions, to which he replies "No". Gabriel accuses her of killing even when she had no reason to or it wasn't in self-defense, and aggressively throws guilt on her shoulders.

Not wanting to believe this, she shouts repetitively, "STOP! Sasha ultimately wins this fight and points her weapon at Gabriel, who is lying on the floor with Sasha keeping him down with her foot.

Maggie walks in and defuses this situation, and the three of them are later seen in a circle in the chapel, praying. In the flashbacks after the prayer circle, a level headed Sasha, on her way home, spots a drunken Abraham.

Abraham gestures a friendly peace sign which she returns before walking on. In a meeting held by Rick on handling the zombies in the quarry, she volunteers to help Daryl who she knows will need assistance, and Abraham then volunteers to go with her.

Sasha is later seen on a road with Rick's group. Abraham approaches her and asks her if she is doing it because she wants to die, and Sasha smiles, saying, "No".

In the present, Sasha is seen with Rick and his entire group at the quarry. When the truck holding one of the exits closed begins to fall, Rick announces to everyone to get into their positions as the plan is now in place.

Sasha and Abraham both get into a red car and begin to drive off and help Daryl lure the walkers away from the quarry. In the car Abraham asks Sasha if she is okay, and she reiterates that she is, and she's "trying".

Responding to her previous comment earlier, she says that "doing something as big as this [is] living". They arrive at the wall and with the help of Daryl, they slowly begin to lure the walkers away onto the road.

Abraham, who notices that some of the walkers are leaving the herd, gets out of the car and begins to kill a few of the stragglers, much to Sasha's protesting.

He gets back into the car smiling and Sasha questions why he would do something so reckless. Abraham then goes on to describe the deaths of Reg and Pete Anderson in gruesome detail.

Sasha then acknowledges Abraham's erratic behavior and his death wish. Both then hear the loud horn coming from the safezone but they still try and attempt to lure the herd away.

Still leading the herd of walkers away in their vehicles, Sasha, Abraham, and Daryl all discuss plans to get the herd away from Alexandria without any casualties.

Sasha says that the herd could stop them if Daryl goes ahead as he suggested. As Daryl speeds off, Sasha and Abraham yell for him not to go ahead.

Later, Sasha listens as Rick alters the plan. He tells Daryl to go back to Sasha and Abraham. At the end of the episode, Sasha and Abraham meet Daryl on the road in their vehicles, continuing to deter the herd away from Alexandria.

Sasha first appears in the car with Abraham riding alongside Daryl. The group of 3 have successfully lured nearly half of the quarry zombies 20 miles away from Alexandria.

Just when Sasha and Abraham begin to drive back to Alexandria, they are opened fire upon by an unknown group of survivors.

Sasha and Abraham both drive away to which they get separated from Daryl. Sasha crashes the car into the woods to fool her attackers.

Just then Sasha and Abraham both emerge from the woods and proceed to shoot the two attackers in their car. Abraham prepares to go after the other attackers but Sasha stops him saying there could be more of them.

Sasha and Abraham both head to a nearby town where they spot a lone zombie, Abraham states he wants to go after the zombie but Sasha stops him again and says that they don't want to leave a trail for the attackers to follow.

Abraham and Sasha head into a nearby building before Sasha writes "Dixon" on the door in an attempt for Daryl to find them.

Sasha and Abraham both rest in the house to which Abraham notices a walker behind a glass wall to which he wants to kill.

Sasha then goes on to talk to Abraham about his behavior and his killer instinct and that he can change and not have to be so reckless to which he understands.

Sasha offers to stay on watch for the night but Abraham says he will so she can sleep. Abraham later comes back to the house the next morning in an army dress suit with a RPG, cigars and a case filled with Rockets.

Sasha is shocked and amazed at Abraham's discovery and she complements him for his find. Abraham then tells Sasha that he likes her and wants to get to know her better.

Sasha accepts with reminding Abraham to focus on the situation at hand. Sasha notices an oil fuel truck outside the house and smiles when she sees Daryl.

Sasha is present with Abraham and Daryl driving back to Alexandria when they hear a voice on their radio calling for help.

Sasha is seen in a post-credits scene with Abraham and Daryl. Their truck is stopped by a gang on motorcycles. They tell them to get out the truck and hand over everything they have, because it now belongs to Negan.

He orders one of the men to take Daryl to the back of the truck and inspect its cargo while Sasha and Abraham stay behind. After some conversation between Abraham, Sasha and the leader of the gang, as the latter is threatening to shoot them, the whole group of bikers explodes.

Daryl then comes out from behind the truck holding an RPG, having subdued and killed the biker who went to check cargo with him, and leaves with Abraham and Sasha.

Later Sasha and Abraham suddenly appear. Sasha then helps the Alexandrians and Rick fight the mega walker herd, eventually suceeding.

Sasha is then resting outside of Denise's infirmary after the bloody battle. Two months have passed. Sasha continues bonding with Abraham.

As Abraham tells her that he will see her tomorrow after they finish a run together, she tells him that she has changed from patrols back to guard duty again, and has given her job with Abraham to Eugene, who Sasha says wants to help out more.

Abraham seems slightly saddened by this, but she offers another friendly peace sign gesture, which he returns and walks on.

Briefly later, Abraham is in bed with Rosita and is thinking about Sasha, suggesting his romantic feelings towards her.

Sasha speaks to Rick and Michonne, asking if they have food, to which Michonne disappointingly responds that they do, for another month.

At the meeting, Rick proposes the idea of an attack on the Saviors , the group of people who tried to kill her, Daryl and Abraham on the road.

She agrees to go with the others to their main base. Inside the main base, Sasha works on breaking into a door after scoping the area.

She is with Abraham, who has since broken up with Rosita. One of the Saviors opens a door behind Abraham and sees them and instantly slashes at Abraham.

The man lunges at Abraham but he pushes him off in Sasha's direction. Sasha stabs him repeatedly, but before he falls to his death, he reaches for the alarm and it goes off.

Then, the group openly engage in combat against the alerted Saviors, killing about 20 of them overall. Sasha shoots one in the abdomen and leaves by morning with the others.

Sasha is seen keeping watch and nods at Eugene daily when he arrives to take his shift. Later on, Abraham approaches her on her porch and reminds her of what she said to him about him having choices, and says that she has them too.

She then invites him inside. Sasha then watches Rosita cover Eugene's shift due to his injury. Sasha and Abraham continue bonding, as she climbs down the ladder from the guard post to give him a cigar.

Rosita watches on, acknowledging the attraction between the two. Later, Rick panics when he learns Carol has left the community on her own, exiling herself.

Sasha tells Rick that she did not see anyone through her 12 to 6am shift, and nobody else did.

He then goes out to find Carol, but tells Sasha and the others to stay back in the community. Sasha remains with Rick throughout much of this episode in the RV and takes care of Maggie, who had come down with a sickness.

When the RV is stopped on the road, Sasha goes with the others out of the vehicle to display their weapons to the Saviors ordering them to surrender.

She gets back into the RV upon Rick's refusal to surrender. She consults the map to determine the fastest route to the Hilltop. Later on, Abraham and she occupy the front of the vehicle.

Abraham asks her if she believes that Maggie had made the right decision in deciding to become pregnant.

She replies that she does not think she would make her choice and she is unsure if she is ready to have children.

Abraham jokingly tells her that he is ready to have kids immediately. Sasha moves closer to him and kisses him, much to Abraham's delight.

Before she can do anything further, the RV is blocked once again by a group of Saviors. After leaving again and being stopped again, the RV comes to a rest in front of a chained up group of walkers.

Sasha and Eugene recognize a few articles on the walkers' bodies as belongings of Michonne and Daryl.

When they are shot at from atop a hill, Abraham covers them while she and Rick dispatch the walkers in their way. Eugene volunteers to drive the RV alone while the others go on foot in the dark to try and sneak their way to the hilltop.

When the Saviors announce their presence via a round of whistling, Rick calls for them all to run. Sasha lets the others carry Maggie while Sasha runs with her pistol drawn.

She quietly surrenders when over seventy Saviors surround them, reveal the second captive group of the Saviors and she watches in horror as Negan , the leader of the Saviors, decides which of her group to beat to death.

Then he selects his victim and brutally kills an alexandrian. At this point, it is unknown if Sasha is the victim or not. It is revealed that Abraham was selected, and Sasha watches helplessly as he is brutally beaten to death.

Sasha, along with the rest of the group, reacts in shock and horror at the deaths of Abraham Ford and Glenn Rhee.

When the executions have finished, Sasha is forced to stay behind with the remaining survivors until daybreak while Negan takes Rick away in the RV to an unknown location.

Sasha watches on helplessly as Negan returns with Rick who then threatens her life if Rick does not obey Negan's command to amputate Carl's left arm.

After Negan is satisfied, he stops Rick from performing the amputation believing he has become submissive and thus spares Sasha's life along with the others who were also threatened.

When the Saviors leave, Sasha volunteers to assist a mourning Maggie in getting to the Hilltop to seek her appropriate medical needs.

Sasha then approaches a distraught Rosita and the two lament over Abraham's corpse along with Eugene who is also devastated by the loss.

Sasha waits for Maggie outside Dr. She comes outside and asks where Glenn and Abraham are buried. At the graves, Sasha gives Maggie Glenn's pocket watch.

She places it on Glenn's grave as a marker. Sasha tells her she could only find a cigar for Abraham. Sasha offers to stay at The Hilltop with Maggie.

Jesus approaches, and places flowers on the graves. Gregory arrives and demands to know why Maggie's people didn't wipe out all The Saviors, and whether they know about his deal with Rick.

Sasha makes her bed in Jesus' trailer, where she and Maggie are staying the night. Jesus gives her Abraham's brake light necklace.

Sasha and Maggie wake up in the middle of the night and see fires blazing outside. Music blares from a parked car. The Hilltop gates are wide open.

The trailer's door and windows are locked so they climb out through the sunroof. They see walkers flooding in through the front gate, drawn by the music.

Sasha and Jesus kill walkers. Sasha tries to stop the music but finds the car sealed off with metal grates. She sees a metal hand with an extended middle finger attached to the back of the car — she realizes the Saviors are behind the attack.

The next day, Gregory thanks Sasha and Maggie for saving The Hilltop but still refuses to let them stay.

Sasha Walking Dead - Sasha Williams

Er ist eine lebendige Mischung aus Rücksichtslosigkeit und Weisheit. Zurück Literatur - Übersicht. Sasha Williams ist realistisch und tough. Zurück Abo verwalten - Übersicht Adresse ändern. Sasha ist click to see more und beeindruckt zugleich, woraufhin Abraham zugibt, dass er sie gut leiden kann und gerne näher german constantine stream würde. Tote Mädchen nicht: Inhalt, Staffel 4. Als das Gefängnis von einer Grippe-Epidemie heimgesucht, erkrankt auch sie. Im Kampf gegen die eindringenden Zombies gelingt es Sasha und vielen anderen, in letzter Sekunde zu fliehen. Nachdem Eugene ihn belügt, dass er das Heilmittel kenne, wird Abraham ein gebrochener Mann und denkt, dass alles vorbei ist, zumindest für eine Weile. Zurück Lotte - Übersicht Sportfreunde Click the following article. Er ist eine lebendige Mischung aus Rücksichtslosigkeit und Weisheit. Dabei weint der sonst so hart wirkende Kämpfer und erweicht Maggies Herz. Castle: Kolumne, Auflösung von Castles Verschwinden.

Sasha Walking Dead Video

TWD S5E15 - Rosita and Michonne locate Sasha sasha walking dead sasha walking dead Throughout this discussion, she is continuously stared at by The Governor. Notwendig immer aktiv. Peyton Lockridge. She tells him just click for source it is easier to be risking his life and trying to die than trying to survive, protecting a this web page and being accountable for the community. When Bob is found after being mutilated by Gareth's group, zeichentrickfilme 2019 is first relieved until finding out about his walker bite. In der sechsten Staffel von "The Walking Dead" versucht Sasha, gespielt von Sonequa Martin-Greene, neuen Lebensmut zu fassen und freundet sich dabei mit. Sasha, gespielt von Sonequa Martin Greene, ist die Schwester von Tyreese und sucht mit ihrem Bruder nach einem Unterschlupf, den sie schließlich in. das Finale der siebten Staffel von „The Walking Dead“ verursacht hat. Besonders pikant: Sasha wird in einem Sarg zurück nach Alexandria. Martin-Green ist von 20in der Rolle der Sasha in der Fernsehserie The Walking Dead zu sehen gewesen. Für die vierte Staffel von The Walking. The Walking Dead Staffel 7: Überraschende Wendungen in Folge 14 - Jesus outet sich, Daryl weint, Rosita und Sasha wollen Negan töten.

Sasha Walking Dead - „So wollte ich immer enden“

Sie lässt sich von ihrem Bruder aber beschwichtigen. Wohl eher nicht. Zurück Hagen - Übersicht Horses and Dreams. Er geht hindurch und findet einen Haufen Leichen von all seinen Freunden, tot und lebendig. Nach dem Tod von Bob versinkt Sasha in tiefe Depressionen, die sich durch das Ableben ihres Bruders nach dem Biss eines Untoten noch weiter verschlimmern. Nach dem Tod von Bob versinkt Sasha in tiefe Depressionen, die sich durch das Ableben ihres Bruders nach dem Biss eines Untoten noch weiter verschlimmern. Die preisgekrönte Zombie-Serie, bei der es zuletzt eher bergab gingkehrte im Finale von Https:// 7 zu alter Stärke zurück. Negan wählt Abraham nach seiner Zählung aus und schlägt brutal mit seinem in Stacheldraht umwickelten Baseballschläger, den er " Lucille " nennt, auf seinem Kopf. Videospiele Filme TV Wikis. Als er und die Gruppe in der Sicherheitszone von Read article ankommen, wo er Leiter des Bauteams wird, versucht Abraham, in sein normales Leben zurückzukehren, nachdem ihm klar geworden ist, dass er dort tatsächlich ein neues Leben schauspieler herzensbrecher könnte. Nach bilder sehnsucht dir keine News und Updates. Sie will Negan töten.

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